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So Great a Cloud of Witnesses

Shower of Stoles Project

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Exhibit Request

To request an exhibit of stoles, please read about your responsibilities and costs, and fill out the form below.

Sacred Responsibility

The stoles are sacred and irreplaceable works of art. They need to be treated with the utmost care. It is your personal responsibility to make sure that the stoles are well-cared for and that all instructions are followed thoroughly. Full instructions will be included in your shipment. Please read and follow those instructions thoroughly.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Unpack and inventory the stoles.
  • Display the stoles, following all instructions.
  • Reinventory and carefully repack the stoles. Under no circumstances are the plastic-covered story panels to be folded!
  • Ship them back to us on the exact date you provide. Your failure to return these stoles on time could prevent another group from having an exhibit.


You can pay these online (click on the links above) or include this payment (checks to be made out to the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force) when you return the stoles to us. In addition, please consider an additional donation of up to one dollar per stole, and more as you are able. Your support allows this important witness to continue and grow. We thank you for your support!

Exhibit Request Form

Use the button below to request an exhibit of stoles, please provide all of the information requested. Your display will not be scheduled until you have received confirmation from us. Please give us a week or two to respond.

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Shower of Stoles Project
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Organizational Partners

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