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So Great a Cloud of Witnesses

Shower of Stoles Project

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Quotes from the Shower of Stoles

A stole from the Shower of Stoles Project

This stole was given by a Presbyterian couple who serve as elders in their church. Their gay son left their Presbyterian Church and is a member of an Episcopal congregation in Washington, D.C.

“I am currently serving as a pastor of a church. I am quite certain that most of the members know that I am lesbian. Still, we continue to tip-toe around the question of identifying who I am. As a pastor, it sometimes feels as if I am crossing a bridge to meet someone and, just as we are about to embrace in the middle of the bridge, the center falls away. And so, I must ask that my name not be used just yet. Someday, perhaps, 'when all may freely serve.'”

--An anonymous lesbian minister

This stole, one of more than 1,000 in the Shower of Stoles collection, was created by the children of gay and lesbian parents who attend Sunday School at Rutgers Presbyterian Church in New York City.

“Born on a dairy farm in central Minnesota, I found a home in the Presbyterian Church. It is in the church that my faith was nurtured and challenged. It was there that I learned about love, charity, peace and integrity. I was ordained an elder at age 21 and served as Sunday School superintendent and youth group adviser. After graduating from McCormick Seminary, I was called to rural ministry. Ordained in 1986, I have served five small rural parishes.”

--A lesbian pastor who is now working outside the church

“I have been your pastor for 10 years.
• 10 years of weekly wearing this stole to worship a loving God.
• 10 years of teaching your children and youth with questions, explorations, faith and hugs.
• 10 years of marrying your brides and grooms with laughter and joy.
• 10 years of burying your loved ones with tears and shared grief.
• 10 years of studying the Bible together, exploring God's word for our lives.
• 10 years of living the Christian life together, traveling God's journey together.

Yet, you did not know me, for I hid in fear and secrecy. And when, finally, God sent me the love of my life, when we committed ourselves in faith and covenant to live together in love, You reject me!”

--An anonymous gay pastor and sixth-generation Presbyterian
who resigned his ministry at a Minneapolis church
so he could live openly with his partner.

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