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So Great a Cloud of Witnesses

Shower of Stoles Project

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Faces and Facets

Text: © 2002 by Alan J. Hommerding
Suggested tunes: NETTLETON or BEACH SPRING

God-among-us in the faces of your children everywhere,
Lovely, jewel-like, sparkling facets, shining with your dazzling care:
You have made us in your image: woman, man, with gender graced;
Let us find in all our unions your creative, tender trace.

O, how myriad are the mystíries of your holy, loving ways,
How life-giving is the witness when our bonds glow with your praise;
When you join us Ė woman/woman, man and woman, man with man Ė
May we see the brilliant facets of your wise and sacred plan.

As we search your countless faces, help our hearts, in prayer, discern
How our spirits, in each other, guide your world to grow and learn.
When one body, in your likeness, where two gender-natures dwell
Seeks your nurture, let us be, then, God-with-them, Emmanuel.

Send the Day when peaceful justice mirrors covenants fulfilled,
End our days of fearful bias, hearts transformed by heavenís will.
Bring those days in us, Great Lover, when your reign shall set us free;
Sing that Day when all your people live as one, with dignity.

© 2002 by Alan J. Hommerding, 1844 N. Nagle, Chicago, IL 60707
Posted on the Shower of Stoles Project web site with authorís permission.

Permission granted to use in liturgical settings.

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