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So Great a Cloud of Witnesses

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Though the Spiritís Gifts are Many

TEXT: David Gambrell, (c) 2002.
(suggested tune - HYFRYDOL)

    Though the Spiritís gifts are many
    There is one embracing call;
    Many visions, many talents
    In the One who loves us all.
    Faith and wisdom, hope and promise,
    Who we are and how we love Ė
    These are gifts from our Creator,
    These are blessings from above.

    Let no mortal stand in judgment
    When the Spirit calls to serve;
    Let no power seek to silence
    Godís eternal, living Word.
    We are children of the promise,
    Living in the light of grace,
    Working for a new creation
    Where all people have a place.

    Call the young and old together,
    Put the partners hand in hand,
    Speak with liberating power,
    Tell the truth to all the land:
    Christ is risen! Christ is risen!
    Earth and heaven now rejoice;
    Sing a song of love and welcome
    With your Spirit-given voice.

© 2002, David Gambrell, for liturgical use.

Permission was granted by the text author to the Shower of Stoles Project to post this hymn on our web site.

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